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Wedding thank you cards in Ireland

Wedding thank you cards in Ireland, top tips:

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Us Irish love a good wedding and it can sometimes take a few days to recover from, with the latest trends them seeing them become 2 and even 3 day events.  One thing we all love is knowing that our company was really appreciated on the day. And nothing says that quite like a personalised wedding thank you card.  Below we complied a list of a few tips to help you say thanks in a way that makes them feel all warm and special inside.

1. Be timely

Don’t leave it too late to send out your wedding thank you cards. We recommend sending out your wedding thank you cards in less than two months after the wedding. This will show your guests that you appreciated their company on the day. It also shows that you were aware of the effort they made to be there for you on your special day.

2. Do not do it digitally

Digital wedding thank you cards can be construed as an act of convenience rather than an act of kindness. A wedding thank you card arriving in the post means effort, thought and gratitude, and now with Eircodes rest assured you can reach anywhere in Ireland.

3. Don’t be too formal

A wedding is a social event, so when you are crafting a message for your wedding thank you card be sure that it doesn’t sound too serious! Also, when addressing your guests use their forename and surname rather than Mr. & Mrs!

Landscape folding thank you card
Square folding thank you card

4. Keep the presents out of the message

A wedding thank you card is a token of appreciation nothing more nothing less. Bringing the present into the equation will attach a value to their presence on the day. Some people earn more than others which follows that people who have less may have made more of an effort to be there than others. A wedding thank you card could mean the world to people who don’t have much!

5. Share the experience you had with your spouse

Your friends and family would love to hear how you are settling in to your new married lives. A wedding thank you card sharing the wonderful memories the day brought would be a really special message for your friends and family.

6. Don’t forget about those who helped you out

If there is anyone who was not there on the day but really helped you make the day special; they do deserve a wedding thank you card to acknowledge that you appreciated all the effort the put in for you.

7. Double check that you have spelled their name correctly

There is nothing worse opening a wedding thank you card and the couple spells your name wrong! Double check that you have their names correct even if it means looking up their Facebook or asking your family and friends.


Choosing the perfect design for your wedding thank you card

If you have a common theme through your wedding it is a good idea to try and develop it a little further in your wedding thank you card. Think about leaving a blank space in the design so you can hand write a personalised message to your guests.

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