Travel Themed Wedding Invitations

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Showing all 3 results

The travel themed wedding invitations section contains sample wedding invitation designs such as invites shaped like a passport or boarding pass.

In essence, the passport style invite can contain 4 or 8 pages, depending on how much info you need to give your guests. It is not only to invite your guests, but also give them some extra info:

For instance

  • travel arrangements,
  • hotel availability,
  • bus & airport transfers,
  • next day get together
  • any extra fun things to do and see etc..

In much the same way, the boarding pass invite come with a long pocket folder containing a DL plane ticket style invitation.
This can have an optional tear off RSVP section on the ticket for guests to return by post. Additionally, extra information can be shown on the upper flap of the folder when guests open the invitation.

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