Wedding Envelope Seals 50mm


These cirlce seals can be bought with any design or we can match to your colour scheme or invites if you have purchased elsewhere. They are 50mm in diameter and peal off to seal envelope for invites etc or can also be used as stickers for favours.  We recommend the 37mm size for envelope seals but these 50mm ones are a bigger size which can work well for favours or sweet bags etc… They come in qty of 10, 200 & 300 and qty above this can be requested by sending email to

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These cute little wedding envelope seals are designed to match your stationery range or created in any design theme you wish!! Wedding envelope seals give your guests a sneak peak of what is inside the delivered envelope.


We also offer a service to print guests names on your invitations if this is something that interests you. Let us print the names in a  beautiful, handwritten script font. This will match in with overall theme of your invites and stationery. A sample will be supplied to you to ensure you are 100% happy with how the names will look when printed on your invitations. This allows you to ensure the fonts match in with the overall feel of your stationery. If interested in this service check out :

Why not take all the hassle out of your invitations with our package deal of Wedding Envelope Address Labels & Guest Name s Printed on Invites for a great deal of only €99
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